Trade and Working Capital in the UAE

Expanding Trade and Working Capital - is it the right choice for your company?

Working capital is the estimated company’s liquidity, operational competence and the overall financial health. If your company has significant positivity working capital, then it has the potential for investment and growth. Working Capital is also known as Net Working Capital, and is separate from the company’s current assets, like liquid assets, receivable accounts, inventories of resources and finished products, along with the current liabilities.
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    Trade Working Capital is the difference between your current assets and current liabilities, which is directly associated with daily operational costs. This defines your Working Capital and helps mitigate whether your company has enough liquid assets on hand for short term financial commitments.

    Investing in Trade and Working Capital in the UAE

    As the best financial advisors in the UAE, our team at KBAME, promises to provide you first class service and complete control over your financial assets, allowing you to focus on what’s important – growth and expansion of your business.
    We offer a complete portfolio of Trade and Working Capital related products included but not limited to Letters of Credit, Discounting, Bank Guarantee, Negotiations, Bills for Collection, and Treasury Services. We also provide adjustable Capital Financing for UAE businesses, including Overdraft and Short Term loans.

    How to Apply?

    A large number of UAE businesses seek reliable audit and accounting firms that will help prop their Trade and Working Capital. It is important to make the right decision in choosing the best financial advice company that will satisfy your organisation’s financial needs. At KBAME, we guarantee steadfast assistance and transparency at all stages of our Services for our Trade and Working Capital Suite.

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