KBA is one of the best tax agents in UAE from list of all tax agents in Dubai, UAE. We’re passionate about the UAE business community and provide accounting and advisory services to local and international businesses. We offer a fixed fee structure to our clients with advisory built in. We’re interested in working together for the long term and have structured our operations and pricing that way.

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    Conscious of the development and investments realized over the last few years, and keeping in mind the tax and accounting specificities of this industry, KBA offers a range of specialized tax services intended to respond to the specific needs of this business.

    Tax Reviews

    Our tax review will provide an overview of your current tax position, and future liabilities. We take into account both your personal and business tax and make recommendations for optimal tax management.

    Tax Agents in Dubai UAE
    Tax Agents in Dubai UAE

    Tax Risk Management

    We provide expert advice on the risk of accumulating an onerous tax debt and how to mitigate that risk.

    We provide expert tax advice and assistance in making sure your structures and transactions are managed effectively to achieve the right outcome.
    Tax Agents in Dubai
    Tax Agents in Dubai
    Small to Medium TAX

    Many SME’s are not aware of tax regulations that specifically favour smaller businesses. We are SME tax experts in Dubai, UAE and will ensure you don’t pay any unnecessary tax and take advantage of all tax concessions available to you.

    Corporate Tax

    UAE tax regulations are constantly changing. Our taxation experts are at the forefront of these changes and can provide structuring advice taking into account corporate and international tax issues and any structuring implications relating to direct and indirect taxes.

    Tax Consultants in Dubai

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    KBA - renowned tax agency in Dubai UAE

    Get in touch with KBA Accounting and Bookkeeping Services by calling Tax helpline +971 4 3962233 or emailing us at info@kbame.com.

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