Steps to Register Excise Tax in UAE

Excise tax in UAE

Excise Tax Registration in UAE

Ever since VAT has been introduced in UAE, it is mandatory to process to carry out any business that involves excise goods. If you are planning to set-up any sort of a business and trying to figure out how to do Excise Tax Registration in UAE, you can either take help from various agencies providing VAT services in Dubai, or you can even register online.
There are several groups that need to pay and Register Excise Tax in UAE. Any reputed VAT consultant in Dubai will let you know the details. These groups, though not completely restricted to these alone, are as follows:
  • Excise goods for importing in UAE
  • Excise goods produced for consumption in the UAE
  • The stockpiling of excise goods in the UAE under certain circumstances
  • The release of excise goods from a designated zone
These are the most common groups that are required to pay VAT. For convenience, the Federal Tax Authority has opened up an online portal that aid registration for paying excise duty. To assist you on how to register and pay excise tax in UAE, we shall share instruction and step-by-step procedure to make taxpaying simple in the article below.

Excise Tax Registration for sweetened drinks in UAE

Excise tax in UAE
Step 1. As a first step towards Excise Tax Registration in UAE, the applicant should supply a few details like:
  • Details of the applicant which includes name and legal details
  • Contact details
  • Banking information
  • Business and related information
  • Declaration – depending on what type of business and excise goods you are dealing, it must be submitted.
Step 2. The next step is the verification process of all the uploaded documents. The applicant has to verify all those documents before registration which includes:
  • Details of the business that you wish to register.
  • The role of yours in the business – to mention if you are a producer, an importer, or anything like.
  • Details of the goods that you will be dealing with
  • If you are importing excise goods, you need the details of the Customs Authority registration.
  • Details of excise rules if you a registered excise taxpayer in another GCC state.
  • Registration of the excise goods in the FTA brandsync for international GTIN.
Step 3. Once the verification process is done, you need to submit all the documents to the concerned authority for the approval, which is the most important step in the registration process which takes several series of relevant stages.
Stages involved in the approval process that the authorities look into:
They check if the provided documents are relevant and complete. This includes all the details inclusive of the goods that are required to be taxed, proposed selling prices and other relevant details. Only accurate and clear documents are likely to get approved. If the documents submitted are genuine, the approval process is likely to be completed fast.
Once all these stages are cleared and it is found that the documents are true and correct, the process of registration gets completed. Paying and Excise Tax Registration in UAE is mandatory, and in order to get registration, our reputable Tax Consultant can provide easy and comprehensive registration process.

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