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KBA is one of the best approved and certified Consultants in UAE. We can give you the expert guidance through all the business setup stages with our wide range Document Clearing Services and PRO services in Dubai.

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    KBA Business Consultants is also a PRO Services Company in Dubai provides Document Clearing in all companies in overall UAE require the services of a Public Relations Officer (PRO).
    This person will handle all activities related to processing government documents and paperwork like – visa applications, labour card processing, and all the documentation and approvals in relation to company trade licenses. Some of the common activities carried out by a PRO include- resident and employee visa processing, labour and immigration cards, labour quota applications, obtaining offshore & security passes, annual license renewals, and updates, to name a few.
    With KBA Business Consultants you do not have to worry about any of the above procedures, we will take care of everything!
    The services carried out by a PRO ensure that your company meets all the legal and governmental requirements of the UAE. The absence of adequate PRO services can be extremely detrimental for a firm. From ensuring that your employees have all the necessary documentation in place to keeping track of timely license renewals and fee payments, KBA will help you do it all!
    PRO Services in Dubai UAE
  • Dedicated and expedited services by a person with extensive PRO experience.
  • Access to accurate, reliable information throughout the year
  • Fixed fees with no hidden costs, complete transparency
  • Consolidated statement of accounts that shows all the incurred expenses
  • Save on operational expenses that would have been spent on hiring a PRO, admin, HR,…etc.
  • PRO services required during company formation / Business setup

    There are several procedures involved in setting up a business in the UAE – from Immigration and Labour Ministry to licensing and registration and everything in between! Hire our services so that we can ease this process for you, including:
    • Visa and immigration clearance
    • Licensing and registration
    • Trade name application
    • Memorandum and / or Article drafting
    • Physical office setup
    • Starting a corporate bank account
    • Employee visas and labour cards

    PRO services required for company liquidation

    • License termination
    • Closing of corporate bank accounts
    • Preparation of a final audit report
    Another time-consuming activity for a PRO is ensuring that all the documentation is in a place for a new joiner and that existing employees have their documents renewed on time. With our services, you do not have to worry about the UAE employment visa process. Whenever you have a new joiner, just provide us with all the relevant documentation and we will handle the rest. We will also provide timely reminders to existing employees about upcoming renewals while handling the whole process on their behalf.

    Documents required for Visa Application:

    • Photo
    • Passport copy
    • Passport last page (For Indian passport)
    • Emirates ID copy (front and back)
    • Attested certificate (If manager or higher)
    • Mother’s and Father’s names
    • Applicant’s Mobile number
    • Applicant’s salary (with breakdown)
    • Job Title
    • Employment contact
    • Medical insurance (After entry permit is issued)
    • All related fees

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