Very often businesses tend to outsource their non-core activities so that more resources can be focused on their main business operations and innovations. Payroll Outsourcing in UAE is one such activity that often gets outsourced. This involves engaging an external party to handle all payroll services related activities.

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    • Disbursing employee salaries after making the necessary calculations

    • Arrange a secure way of multi-currency payment.

    • Issuing checks to employees.

    • Calculating tax payments and making the necessary deductions (since the UAE does not have an income tax, this is not a function in this region).

    • Filing the required government reports

    • Administering employee benefits.

    • Dealing with pension, gratuity, etc.

    Deciding to outsource your payroll operations depends on several factors like- number of employees on roll, whether the company is a local or foreign entity, the time and cost involved in setting up a payroll function, etc.

    Moreover, running an in-house payroll can be a challenge for smaller companies or businesses without HR and accounting professionals on staff. Outsourcing is one method to avoid hiring additional staff for such routine activities. Companies often outsource payroll for the following reasons:

  • Cost savings by avoiding the need to hire an in-house payroll team.

  • Ease of administration of payroll through the changes that keep occurring with compensation and personnel.

  • Avoiding mistakes while filing for tax.
  • To summarize, hiring payroll services for your company will ensure that your accounting responsibilities and penalties will significantly reduce. You can potentially focus your resources, time, and energy on making business strategies, implementing them, and expanding your business whilst we handle your payroll processes.

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