Forensic Accounting Services

Forensic Accounting Services Dubai is a type of investigation that looks for signs of fraud, embezzlement, theft, or poor financial controls. Because your company’s accounting team is the most prevalent source of fraud, fraud investigations must be handled by an outside forensic accountant.
  • You think your accountant, bookkeeper, managers or any other employees are stealing money from the company.
  • You have doubts about your controller, finance manager, or CFO’s abilities.
  • Your executives are baffled by the company’s recent losses.
Business owners typically suspect fraud a long time after it has been occurring on a regular basis. If you suspect fraud is taking place, there is a good chance it has been going on for a long time. Employees who commit fraud frequently have the following characteristics :
  • Your bookkeeper never takes a vacation or a day off;
  • Your bookkeeper appears to be overburdened on a regular basis;
  • Your bookkeeper is unable to explain changes in business profitability, or the explanations provided appear insufficient;
  • Your bookkeeper says that Small businesses don’t need sophisticated controls. (In fact, all businesses require controls.)

A financial audit by a Chartered Accountants or a financial review by a financial analyst will not reveal fraud. You’ll need to engage a forensic accountant to do proper due diligence. 

Contact us for a confidential consultation if you are unsure whether your firm is experiencing any of the above indicators of fraud. None of the above constitutes conclusive evidence of fraud, but competent forensic accountants will utilize them as a starting point for their inquiry.

The methods used by forensic accountants to reveal fraud.

Forensic Accounting and Investigation service looks at financial transactions to see if there is any proof of fraud. Find the source of the theft, this usually entails tracing a complex series of financial transactions in your accounting systems. To find incriminating financial data, forensic accountants sometimes trace a long paper trail.

The evidence gathered is frequently used in confrontation, litigation, or out-of-court settlements. Forensic accounting collects and catalogs evidence of fraud or embezzlement in order to support potential litigation.

Remember that your Accounting firm’s review will not detect fraud. Having an outsourced accountant or Tax agency submit your taxes does not provide appropriate controls to prevent fraud. Hiring forensic accountants differs from hiring a regular accountant. Qualifications such as Chartered Accountants, Certified Management Accountant, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) etc do not guarantee success in forensic accounting. Instead, look for a firm that specializes in forensic accounting.

Forensic auditors & accountants at our team at KBA have extensive experience conducting fraud investigations and assisting small business owners in cleaning up the mess. When interviewing, whether you hire us or another service, look for the following investigative skills:

  • Understands your sector and its peculiarities
  • Identifies potential weaknesses merely by glancing at your financial statements
  • Extensive Experience in forensic accounting expert services in Dubai
  • Experienced in installing new controls to prevent future fraud

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