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Construction Financial Loans depend upon your need, whether it’s for your home or for other real estate projects. This short term loan is designed to support contractors, sub-contractors or business owners looking to build homes in the UAE. The Construction Financial Loan is used to fund the new projects quickly (so as to not lose opportunity), pay suppliers on time, purchase durable construction equipment, machinery and to increase overall working capital.
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    At KBAME, we offer you different forms of construction finance, customized to your needs, including secured and unsecured loans, as well as equipment leasing. Our Top Financial Advisors in the UAE, will help you choose your loan with respect to the value of your land as well as the overall cost of the construction project.
    Our Credit and Capital Team at KBAME, will guide you to choose the relevant construction loan for your business, in order for you to attain better working capital so you can take on new projects without the worry of getting paid for outstanding accounts receivable. We will arrange your documentation, produce a list of viable banking options, provide bank guarantee assistance, and guarantee confidentiality so you can take on new contracts with confidence.

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