CapEx Finance in the UAE

How CapEx Finance Boosts Your Assets

Capital Expenditures are financial resources used by a business to acquire, improve and sustain physical assets such as real estate, construction, machinery or technology. Although CapEx is an expense that the company capitalizes, it influences a long term asset, and cannot be deducted in the year in which it was purchased. This is what differs it from day to day expenses as in the case of Operating Expense or OpEx.
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    Capex can also tell you the financial health of a company. It is useful in determining how much a company is investing in existing or future assets to help support and expand their business. CapEx is utilized to take on new projects or investments by a company, and this in turn increases the scope of operations as it shows on the balance sheet as an investment rather than an expenditure. Some of the most affluent industries have the highest levels of capital expenditures, including but not limited to oil & gas, telecommunication, manufacturing and utilities.
    Our Top UAE Financial Advisors and Auditors at KBAME will help document your CapEx in several useful ways, so future investors can see it listed as capital spending, purchase of property, plant and equipment (PP&E) or as an acquisition expense. We are among the best UAE based Auditing and Accounting Firm, and we’ve gained a reputation for being customer focused and rate competitive, both for our vendors and direct customers alike. Our portfolio helps us to identify the right CapEx Finance Solution to your business needs.

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