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KBA Business Consultants is a professional Business setup company in Dubai, has the one-stop solution to all your business set up needs in Dubai UAE. If you wants to setup your business in Dubai Mainland, Offshore or Freezone area? Set up your business in a free zone to levy lucrative benefits and special exemptions. We got you covered.

Other than business setup services we offer PRO services, visa services, company registration, trade licenses, local sponsor, etc. Our team of experts will guide you all the way with our immense experience and timely delivery of business solutions at competitive rates. Your needs are our number one priority.

5 Simple Steps For Company Formation in Dubai UAE

Company formation in Dubai UAE

Business Setup in Dubai

Company Incorporation in Dubai UAE

The UAE is a haven for entrepreneurs and businessmen with its lucrative economy and favourable tax system. It has its own businesses and free zones that attract investors from around the globe. Business Setup in Dubai can seems like an intimidating task, often making new business owners overly cautious of various pitfalls and second-guessing their plans. We here at KBA Business Consultants will help you streamline this process with our years of experience in the local markets and expert working knowledge of the rules and regulations coupled with our history of helping kick-start all kinds of business ventures.
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    Company Formation in Dubai UAE

    We offer business set up services in Dubai after which we help you obtain the trade license for your business establishment. Our services do not end there, we will set up your company’s bank account and handle all your visa processes. In short, we will take care of all the routine procedures leaving you with the time and resources to focus on innovating and expanding your business!
    Now let’s say you want to set up a new business in Dubai, or anywhere in the UAE. Following are details of the company incorporation services that we offer:
    Need guidance with your company formation in Dubai UAE? Our experts can guide you all the way with our extensive experience in company formation in Dubai UAE. Solutions are tailor made to suit your specific needs at favourable prices.
    Freezone Business Setup in Dubai UAE
    The UAE is one of the most fertile soils in the region and the world to grow your business and the various free zone areas whose regulations very much supplement this growth. The absence of corporate taxes and trade barriers are a few of the reasons why opting for a free-zone business is extremely viable. The UAE has over 50 different free zones with varied regulations, catering to a diversity of industries and fields.

    Mainland Business Setup in Dubai UAE

    A mainland company setup in Dubai can practice any industrial, commercial, trading, professional, or tourism activity and due to the plethora of business opportunities and facilities available in the UAE, the mainland is a preferred location to start a business in Dubai. Being able to avoid paying personal and corporate taxes is an added incentive to the mainland company business set up model.

    Offshore Business Setup in Dubai UAE

    For a foreign investor, an offshore company set up in Dubai UAE would be the most ideal and attractive option owing to various factors like financial privacy, absence of bureaucracy, low costs, among other benefits. An offshore business set up in Dubai is essentially a wholly-owned limited license company, which is tax-free and with no annual accounting and tax obligations.

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    We provide a streamlined and more importantly, personalised guidance to start off your business and reach your goals. We provide services like company incorporation, application for a trade license, guidance setting up the business whether mainland, offshore or, free zone, and advice on optimal business practices.

    Let us help you to setup your business today. Get in touch with us for your company formation in Dubai UAE. Call our helpline +971 4 3962233 for immediate support or email us at

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