KBA Consultants can provide Business Advisory Services in Dubai, UAE.

Our expert consultants will focus on identifying your problem areas and developing strategic plans to combat them. 


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    We tailor business advisory and financial services to meet your specific need so that you can achieve smooth, profitable operations for your business.

    The policies regarding quality, talent acquisition and development, customer relations, and operational efficiencies can make or break your business in this modern, dynamic, and competitive economic landscape. Our extensive experience in the region coupled with highly professional experts will assist you in identifying opportunities and combating threats in any business environment.
    We provide various services to optimize your business:

    1. Tax Advisory Services in Dubai

    Tax is a large mandatory portion of any firm’s expenses; hence proper tax planning is necessary to avoid surprise losses due to taxation. Here at KBA, we will help you identify tax risks and mitigate them before they affect your bottom-line.

    2. Corporate Governance

    Our team of experienced professionals have worked with large, medium and small companies and private equity investors in improving corporate governance practices and structures. We also have the experience of working with corporate boards to undertake meaningful self-assessments to improve their oversight processes.

    3. Mergers and Acquisitions

    Mergers and acquisitions are often a complicated affair but sometimes vital for a business’ survival in tricky economical environments. We provide a whole range of M & A services ranging from valuation of assets, preparation of business plans, financial modelling of projections, capital raising, debt raising,.etc.

    4. Financial Reporting and Statement Analysis

    Financial statements and reports are used to assess the health of an organisation and provide vital information to a company’s stakeholders. Financial analysis is the process of examining a company’s performance in the context of its industry and economic environment in order to arrive at a decision or recommendation. We will help you in evaluating your company’s ability to earn a return on its capital that is at least equal to the cost of capital, to profitably grow its operations, and to generate enough cash to meet obligations and pursue opportunities.

    5. Financial Feasibility

    A financial feasibility study is vital for the commencement of any business venture. It projects how much start-up capital is needed, sources of capital, returns on investment, and other financial considerations. It understands how much capital is required, its sources and how it will be spent during business operations.
    6. Business Strategy and Planning
    Our business strategy and planning team will help you unlock your business’ hidden potential and steer you to success. We possess the technical skills and knowledge that you require, whether it is to solve a business problem, identify new areas of growth or to mitigate threats, partnering with us is the greatest advantage a business can have against its competitors.
    7. Business Succession Planning
    Succession planning is crucial for the growth of a company. The current leadership must ensure that their successors are aligned with the overall objectives of the organisation while keeping in line with the value statement of the firm. We will devise and implement a transition strategy to ensure sustained growth and success for the firm.

    8. Business Restructuring

    The process of restructuring a business involves three stages- diagnosis, planning and implementation. The diagnosis phase is like a feasibility study and includes assessing a variety of possible business scenarios. The planning stage involves the creation of detailed operational and strategic plans for survival and growth.
    9. Budgeting and Finance Planning
    Creating budgets and operating within them is crucial to the growth and survival of any firm. When you’re running a business, it’s easy to get bogged down in day-to-day problems and forget the bigger picture. Here’s where we step in, we will help you create strategies for eliminating financial risk and building wealth over the long term. We will give you a game plan that puts you on track to achieve your financial goals.
    10.Strategy and Operation
    Regardless of the industry or sector in which a firm operates, a strong strategic focus is critical to an organization’s continued growth and success. It increases stakeholder confidence and aligns operational processes with corporate and national objectives, while paving the way to long-term, sustainable performance.

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