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Financial Advisor in UAE

At KBA, we aspire and commit to first-class accounting services and financial record maintenance, apart from excellent customer support. Our clients across the UAE are testament to all round quality and assurance, from registration & VAT filing, to financial advice of future business endeavors.

Our Top Financial Advisors and Accountants in Dubai, UAE focus on building trust and prioritize client confidentiality. This is why each business receives a tailor made solution, be it for Capex Finance, Construction Loans, Trade and Working Capital or Corporate Loans. This equips our partners with efficient channels to center on high risk areas and improve overall business health of the company. KBAME evolves to the growing business in the MENA region, and ensures flexibility to meet the accounting requirements of the UAE.
KBAME, the best accounting firms in Dubai, UAE provides accurate accounting services, with organisational structuring that saves you time to focus on more important business. Your business growth is our prime concern, and hence we hire only the best Chartered Accountants and Auditors in the UAE, who are up to date with the latest in Tax Regulations, CFO services, VAT implementation and Internal Auditing according to UAE law.
It is our mission to work in accordance with International Accounting Practices to avoid any legal issues. We are also FTA Approved to provide the best in quality and assurance to all our clients.

Simply contact us on +971 4 396 2233 / +971 55 620 9894   / [email protected] or leave your details and we’ll get in touch with you soon!

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Accounting Services in Dubai

Corporate Loan in the UAE

It is our mission to provide you with the best financial advisors, top corporate financing consultancy, and to help you choose the right bank guarantee in the UAE among other business loan requirements.

Tax Agents in Dubai UAE

Trade and Working Capital

As the best financial advisors in the UAE, our team at KBA, promises to provide you first class service and complete control over your financial assets, allowing you to focus on what’s important - growth and expansion of your business.

Accounting Services in Dubai

CapEx Finance

Our Top UAE Financial Advisors and Auditors at KBA will help document your CapEx in several useful ways, so future investors can see it listed as capital spending, purchase of property, plant and equipment (PP&E) or as an acquisition expense.

Accounting Services in Dubai

Construction Finance in UAE

At KBA we offer you different forms of construction finance, customized to your needs, including secured and unsecured loans, as well as equipment leasing. Our Top Financial Advisors in the UAE, will help you choose your loan with respect to the value of your land as well as the overall cost of the construction project.

Tax Consultants in Dubai

Real Estate Finance

Best Mortgage Brokers in Dubai. This is why you need a trusted Mortgage Consultancy and Brokerage Firm such as ours to provide you with unbiased expert advice, assembly and prioritization of your documents, and to help you secure affordable payment options as well as choosing the right loan for your property investment.

Tax Agents in Dubai UAE

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