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KBA Accounting and Bookkeeping Services LLC provide insightful CFO consulting services to help Dubai businesses manage risks, develop sound financial strategies, and manage resources efficiently. KBA brings you the expertise of a top tier international firm that specializes in accounting outsourcing in Dubai and combines with excellent service to deliver positive results for companies and businesses. Considered amongst the recognised accounting outsourcing companies in Dubai today, we can help you lay down a strong foundation for your business.

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KBA is a certified Accountancy and VAT Consultancy company that offers a complete range of outsourced CFO services and finance solutions to companies across the UAE. KBA has grown significantly and is considered as one of the best companies to partner with for the acquisition of services pertaining to outsourced CFOs in Dubai. As such, we cater to businesses that need both a regional and local accountancy firm.

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We help businesses establish financial structure within their respective organizations, streamlining their operations and developing control protocols. Our team is made up of certified accountants and financial consultants who can assist companies with accounting outsourcing solutions, financial planning, and protocol implementation. We offer the following services:

  • Market Research
  • Business and Advisory Services
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Market Research & Business Plan
  • ERP Implementation
  • Benchmarking

Our outsourced CFO and accounting services leverage the technical expertise and experience of our in-house financial experts to lend businesses superior flexibility and adaptability. We provide client’s targeted strategies that help them achieve their goals, within their specified timelines.

As one of the leading names in outsourced CFO services in Dubai today, we emphasise the importance of a strong and healthy cash flow to improve a client’s bottom line. With our CFO consulting services, clients benefit from the insight of a full team of accountants, financial strategists, and risk managers working together to ensure their business growth and development.

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Contact us and enquire about our cost-effective and targeted solutions. Talk to our CFO consultants today, and discover how we can help your business grow. Call our helpline at +971 4 3962233 or email us at for queries.

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