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Simplify Your Accounting Needs with one of the top Accounting Firms in Dubai

KBA is considered as the best Accounting firms in Dubai, UAE. Providing one of the best Accounting Services in Dubai. We’re passionate about the UAE business community and provide accounting and advisory services to local and international businesses. We offer a fixed fee structure to our clients with advisory built in. We’re interested in working together for the long term and have structured our operations and pricing that way.

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    Accounting Firms in Dubai

    One of the Top Bookkeeping and Accounting Firms in Dubai

    We are a recognised and registered accounting service provider catering to businesses in Dubai and across the UAE. We offer a comprehensive range of financial solutions that are aimed at helping businesses improve their cash flow and raise their bottom line. We have a team of certified accountants, consultants, and payroll specialists who can develop a more effective system for managing and monitoring the financial health of your business.

    Our Range of Specialised Services Includes:

    • Creating chart of accounts as per company structure & management requirements
    • Preparing and verifying balance sheet as of the cut-off date approved by the management
    • Setting up procedures to make sure the financials are recorded accurately
    • Advice clients on inventory management
    • Recording of monthly transaction including sales, expenses, bank entries, etc.
    • Booking of monthly entries including depreciation, accrual, prepaid expenses and etc. before closing the books of accounts.
    • Evaluation of financial statements
    • MIS reports as per management request (aging report, cost centre analysis, revenue and cost trend analysis)

    Professional Chartered Accounting Firms in Dubai, UAE.

    Our Benefits:

    We implement our services in compliance to the highest international standards to ensure top-notch quality and results. We have successfully managed accounts for various sectors, including retail, logistics, distribution, manufacturing, international trade, and hospitality. With our experience and world-class expertise, clients can expect the best bookkeeping and accounting services in Dubai from us.
    Accounting Firms in Dubai

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    We offer a professionalized approach to traditional bookkeeping practices and accounting services, periodic financial statements, cash flows and reconciliations.

    Let us help you grow your business today. Get in touch with us for your bookkeeping and accounting needs. Call our helpline +971 4 3962233 for immediate support or email us at

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