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KBA Accounting And Bookkeeping Services LLC has been named..Best Accounting & VAT Consultancy Firm in UAE - Worldwide Finance Awards 2022
KBA Accounting and Bookkeeping CEO, Emad Al Qudah honoured in the CEO Today Global Awards 2022!
Most Trusted Tax Solutions Providers 2021
UAE Business Awards 2021, proudly hosted by MEA Markets
KBA Accounting and Bookkeeping Services LLC named as a Top Accounting Firms in Dubai, UAE (2021)
Tax Consultancy of the Year - Dubai
MEA Business Awards 2020, proudly hosted by MEA Markets
KBA Accounting and Bookkeeping Services LLC named as a Top Accounting Services Company in UAE (2020)

KBA is considered amongst the top Accounting Services in Dubai. We are Certified professional chartered Accountants provides Bookkeeping and Accounting services in Dubai and one of the prominent Accounting firms in Dubai, UAE. Nowadays accounting and bookkeeping services has become streamlined globally with the implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards that makes it more technical and complicated. We cover every aspect of accountancy and aspire to understand your business needs for accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai, UAE and long-term goals so we can tailor a package that would meet all your requirements.

We are amongst most renowned consultancies for accounting outsourcing companies in UAE consisting a team of finest auditors and Business consultants that keeps reliable & up to date data of financial statements helping you to coordinate well with laws. And we are the FTA Certified Accounting Firm in Dubai and FTA Registered Vat Consultants providing excellant quality of professional Tax Agents in Dubai, UAE. Our wide variety of services includes VAT consultancy, accounting and bookkeeping, internal auditing, accounting outsourcing, CFO Services, Business Setup, Business Plan, Due Diligence, Feasibilty Study and formulating tax strategies that can help reduce your tax liability and improve your revenue.

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    We are one of the trusted and recognized accounting firm in Dubai and across UAE. We cater to diverse business sectors and industries, from hospitality, healthcare, retail to logistics, manufacturing and distribution. This practice of retaining the documentation about a business’s budgetary functioning is now becoming as essential as a spine, thanks to increased dependency upon computerized programs and the critical observation being done on business transactions originating from heightened regulatory laws and reporting courses of action. Documentation or maintaining data has now become more sophisticated in terms of how data is recorded and stored because of new tactics and technologies in the market. As far as maintaining records becomes important, more facilities are being provided by accounting firms like KBA. We always strive to get the most for our clients.

    Bookkeeping is the exercise of collecting data of all the financial transactions of a business and which is the process of interpreting, classifying, analyzing, summarizing and reporting financial data. Our team of expert consultants can help you with your accounting and bookkeeping services, who are well versed in the regional know-how and business paradigms. Since the day we have initiated, our striving team of highly qualified and certified accountants, finance professionals and compliance specialists who have decades of combined experience and technical expertise to help clients with high quality bookkeeping and accounting services in Dubai, to realize their corporate goals and manage their cash flow and finances for all small, medium and large companies in Dubai, UAE.

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